Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

How about - LOVE.

It's Valentine's Day and though the day is mostly over as I type this, it's really a day about remembering to tell your loved ones they matter. It should be done everyday and while hopefully none of us needed Hallmark to tell us we should do it, being forced into it can't hurt, right?

At any rate, I'm going to take a bit of a different turn for a second and discuss one of those things that should never be discussed. Religion. Turn away now if you're afraid. See, what I think of when it comes to Valentine's Day is the fact that when people (or Facebook) asks my religious views, I respond simply "Love." It's what I believe in. Now, my view of Love is rooted in my devotion to Jesus Christ, but it is so much more than that. I don't claim to be a Christian because guess what, I don't want to be associated with that. I follow His teachings (or at least try to anyway) and LOVE all. Truly. I'm a firm believer in the "love the sinner, hate the sin" ideology. Did Jesus turn people away? No. He sat and broke bread with those in society that others were shunning, so why on earth as a faith would we not do the same? I just can't comprehend it. Do I hate the things that some people do? Yes. I hate murder, I hate hurting children, I hate war, I hate a lot of things, but guess what? I have to find a place in my heart to Love the people that commit the crimes. Not because I need to be in love with them, or I think that they deserve it, but because maybe just maybe LOVE is the answer. And maybe, just maybe, my love will help them turn toward Jesus. Who knows?

Okay, now that we've got that under our belts, let's talk about something fun. Or funny. Or just not uncomfortable.

Celebrated this day with my love last night, and we used a gift card to pay for some of our dinner. So imagine our surprise when at the end of the meal the waiter said "and since it's Valentine's Day, this is for you" and handed us a $25 gift card. What a great promotion for the restaurant. If you want a nice steak dinner, head to Fleming's. They'll treat you right. Oh, and the Fleming's potatoes are a heart attack on a plate, but so very delicious. So very delicious.

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  1. Love it. The very basis of the Christian religion is rooted in the philosophy of "What Would Jesus Do?" As you pointed out, Jesus would accept, love, and comfort anyone and everyone. Where it all got twisted, I can't say, but it's nice to see somebody else out there who gets it. Cheers!